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So, you’d like to sell your home…Great!

But before that sign goes in the yard, there are some important things you need to consider.

It should all start with a conversation between you and your agent about your motivations, expectations, and plans for the future:



What’s the driving force behind this move? Have you accepted a new position out of the area? Is your lifestyle or family growing or changing? Does your current home no longer fit your needs? Or are you just ready for a change? All of these can be factors in selling your current home. How and when you sell your current home can be greatly determined by your motivation.


Now let’s talk about expectations:

There are a lot of expectations that you may have already in mind: That your home will be immediately viewed by hundreds of people who fall in love with every detail and enter a bidding war, netting you thousands over list price is a great expectation for a sale. However, it’s not always the way things work.

Your expectations may include a price, a sales date, or a method of selling. Your agent will be paramount in making sure you are familiar with what the current market conditions are and how your home fits within that market. Whether through print media, internet exposure, open houses, or word of mouth advertisement and networking, your agent’s professional knowledge will help determine the best sales strategy for your house, your market, and your future buyers.

You should have clear expectations of your real estate agent. Your communication of those expectations is important in creating a good relationship. For example, how important to you is internet exposure? Would you like for your home to be the subject of broker and public caravans and open houses? How often would you like communication with your agent? Weekly? Daily? By the hour? And would you like to personally be the point of contact for prospective buyers to see your home, or is that something you’d like your agent to filter and handle? Relaying these expectations to your agent in the beginning will allow him or her to best serve your needs while keeping you well informed during the listing period.

Just as you will have a list of expectations for your real estate agent, your agent will have some expectations for you. When your agent places his or her name in front of your property, what they’re saying to the world is “I think this home is ready for you!” Make sure you don’t let them down. If you’re going to be living in your home during the listing period, remember to keep it clean, de-cluttered, and well-manicured inside and out. Before you list, have a serious conversation with your family about home maintenance, pet care, and keeping the house “show-ready” at all times.

Plans for the future

Moving up? Moving out of town? Moving back to Mom’s basement? What happens once your home sells?

Your agent can help you define your needs for the future while your home is still on the market. Taking the step towards your next purchase is a decision that will require some guidance from your agent and their professional community to help you determine the optimum time for buying.


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